Singular Lab offers the services of a highly seasoned team of professionals with an average of 17 years in securitisation and capital markets


Design and structuring of tailor-made securitisations supporting issuers through the full execution process

Ir a Analysis


Elaboration of detailed independent reports on securitisation transactions covering assets performance and structure breakdown

Ir a Advisory


Advisory on issuance strategy, investors approach, portfolio eligibility and selection, transaction modelling, rating process and regulatory requirements

Ir a Education


Organization of courses and seminars on theoretical an practical aspects of securitisation as well as case studies analysis

Our Mission

A singular approach to securitisation

At SingularLab, we firmly believe that securitization cannot be approached from a standardized point of view, but rather as a toolbox that provides with different possibilities allowing a bespoke approach to each situation, and so, offer tailor-made solutions based on those tools.

SingularLab is looking to work with originators and investors to identify securitisation opportunities on both ends and develop added-value structures that will offer real solutions to securitisation market participants.

Through our work, we would like to contribute to the development of the financial and securitisation markets in Spain and abroad, helping promote best practices and industry standards. In this direction, we would also offer workshops and training services to the local financial community.

Who We Are

Singular Lab offers the services of a highly seasoned team of professionals with an average of 17 years in securitisation with experience, having rated more than 120 securitisations and arranged more than 70 with more than 30 issuers and in all main asset classes

Cesar Goyache, CFA

Over 20 years experience in financial markets and consulting industries, more specifically, securitization and debt capital markets (DCM). Currently member of the board in several companies: Mainspring, Asentia, HGA. Degree in Physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, MA in nuclear energy from CIEMAT – UAM. CFA charterholder by the CFA Institute.

José Ramón Torá

Over 25 years of experience in the financial sector, 17 years in Standard & Poor’s in New York and Madrid: securitizations, structured products, covered bonds, all main types of assets: RMBS, ABS, CLO, SME, future flows, trade receivables, etc. From 2005, responsible for the S&P’s Continental Europe securitization teams. Business and economics degree (ICADE), MBA from Columbia University in New York.

Bruno Díaz

Over 17 years of experience in securitization and 10 years experience in investment banking. Worked for CA-CIB in MAdrid and London offices ) originating and structuring securitisations in Spain, Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands, publicly and privately placed. Degree in Economics from Universidad Complutense de Madrid and completed the three levels of CFA® program.

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